Seminar on "Cities for Knowledge"

Date: 3 July 2012

Venue: IN+/IST, Lisbon - Portugal

The seminar "Cities for Knowledge", part of the Risk Seminar Series organized by IRGC Portugal, had the participation of Alastair Blyth from the OECD to discuss the role of university campuses in developing cities and fostering socioeconomic resilience to risks.


Alastair Blyth, OECD
Trends and issues affecting the campus of the future
Trends: demographic changes, growth in communication technologies and internationalization.
Some issues:
  • Location of the campus and connectivity with the city and science parks;

  • Relationship between government policy, industry and university and the role of universities in regional economies;

  • Rising importance sustainability;

  • Impact of communications technology – will online delivery of education lead to a substantial change in focus of a university campus and the physical environments? Or, to put it another way, are we in danger of constructing campi and buildings that will be redundant in a very short time?

  • How we measure the impact of the university campus and S&T parks in terms of its effectiveness, and whatindicators can we develop?

Teresa Heitor and Ana Tomé, IST Architecture Group "Building University Atlas: the experience of IN-Learning in Lisbon"

Paulo Ferrão and Carlos Silva, IN+ "Building green campus: on the implementation of energy management systems

Hugo Horta, IN+ "Trends in Higher education: beyond the numbers

Manuel Heitor, IN+ "Challenges for university campi – towards a new research framework?