Space 4 Small Islands Seminar

Date: 3 to 5 December 2012
Venue: Vila do Porto, Santa Maria Island, Azores - Portugal

One of the objectives of the MaRes project (Marine Research Strategy, PCT-MAC) is the establishment of synergies in the areas of greater complementarity of R&D systems in Macaronesia. The area of the Space has been identified as one that meets the highest potential.

The Azores, Madeira and Canary Islands cover a wide geographical area at the center of a significant maritime space, in an environment of reduced electromagnetic noise. This geographical location can in itself be an asset, e.g. as a platform for infrastructures and associated developments. Moreover, the products and services linked to the technical and scientific knowledge of the oceans can assume a significant institutional and economic importance.

Main goals are to enhance the Macaronesian opportunities for R&D in the area of Space, namely:
  • Disseminate the work in progress in the context of the portuguese, spanish and european framework;

  • Provide an opportunity for contact between Macaronesian researchers and companies) and other relevant actors;

  • List possible lines of R&D in which Macaronesian researchers and companies have synergies and competitive advantages.

Presentation by IRGC Portugal